I'm Mel, I'm a visual designer by heart and here I share a little bit of all that I do.

I'm a freelance photographer, qualified Interior Designer (at Grit & Co.) and pretty much all round creative soul.

I thrive on all aspects of visual design. I photograph and redesign houses for a living and for relaxation I dabble with paint, design and just about any creative project you can imagine.

I sell limited edition prints, offer lifestyle shoots for entrepreneurs and soon will include a curated range of homewares also. I'm passionate about living a meaningful and expressive life both in my work and my home, I wish the same for you.





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Still life, abstract landscapes and wandering shots taken on my travels. The journey is creative & curious and you can buy some adventure for your walls.

Every print is a limited edition.




Lifestyle Photography for Entrepreneurs and small businesses (both products and services) to enhance your visual branding.

A dynamic and creative approach to cultivating a powerful visual voice for your business and vision; bringing the you into your brand.



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A passion for meaningful & functional homes paired with an addiction and love for renovation saw me founding Grit & co.

A unique renovation and design company that specialises in transforming the space you have into a space you love.

We specialise in the Art of Renovation - being savvy and delivering quality & impact; within any budget.