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Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our Marshall White clients. The feedback back from our clients and buying public has been so positive!

You have an amazing ability to transform a home in to something very special that looks stylish while maintaining  a warm homely feel.  We can see when a potential buyer connects to a property emotionally and the way you style and present your clients homes is paramount in this process.


Duane Wolowiec -  Partner at Marshall White



I had been trying to start my own online business for over a year, but I kept hitting a brick wall. I had thought about some form of coaching, but it always felt a bit daunting…until I met Melanie!

From day one, her encouragement and support of my vision, as well as helping me to draw up achievable goals, made the process enjoyable and rewarding! Through her guidance, I have grown in confidence and become clear on my path.
Coaching has brought me the life that I envisioned, and a new friendship that I cherish.

I would absolutely recommend Melanie. She is the real deal. Her advocacy and heart are what make her your greatest cheerleader. Her flexibility and ease make it completely do-able (no more excuses!)
I am now launching a business that is authentically aligned, that I am proud of and believe in.  
Thank you, Mel!”  

Emma Rush – founder One Wild Love

Mandalapure 15.jpg

When I saw that my friend Melanie was doing life coaching I thought it might be interesting to see what she had to say. I had absolutely no expectations and very little hesitation- I was completely relaxed about the concept and actually didn't think I'd get much more than a pleasant experience.

What I actually got was a WHOLE lot more. I found a space to be me. I found someone who permitted my frenetic thinking and my crazy schedule and just met me half way, without judgement, without pressure, without budging when I wriggled and blabbed and flapped about.

My favourite part of the process was handing over my thought scraps to be safeguarded by Mel. I thought they were dumb folly. I thought I was nuts and incoherent. But somehow, through this process, they evolved into an absolute dream scenario for me.

I cannot recommend Melanie enough. She is funny, caring, and a potent force with which to be reckoned. The light shines brightly in this little gem.

 Amanda Lindsay - Founder of Mandala Chai


Mel is a coach that sneaks up on you. You will be working through your coaching series and then all of a sudden the thing you really want and is really important becomes clear. 

Mel had an amazing way of softly guiding me to what was at the heart of my goals. When we started working together I was focusing on the things at the surface, but we dug deeper and I began to uncover what I was really longing for in my life. 

Mel has helped me achieve a calm and focus within myself which I have not felt in…well ever. She also has been the most amazing encouragement in exploring my personal style of creativity. Before I worked with Mel I was really pining for the creativity I thought I’d lost from my life. What I uncovered with her was that it was alive and well within my business pursuits. She then supported me in building on what was there and taking my creativity to the next level. 

Mel has really helped me in an important time of transition in my working life. It is so amazing to have someone there for you like Mel has been there for me. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Kate McCready - Kate McCready


Mel was professional, flexible and worked around me.  She is so down to earth and I felt comfortable with her straight away.  She truly is an inspiring woman and empowered me as a mother, in my everyday life and as a woman starting her own business. 

 6 sessions later, I have re-branded my business on social media and I am a launching my website in a couple of weeks.  I have direction on where I want to take the business after the launch and I’m equipped with marketing tools. 

 On a personal side, I feel empowered and confident, not just about my business, but in all aspects of my life.  I am happier and I am a better wife and mother because of this new found confidence and direction.  I feel like I am walking with purpose and I have Mel to thank for that. 

 I believe all Mums, and women in general, should feel confident in themselves and feel empowered to be able to achieve their goals.  For this reason I will recommend Mel to all my friends.  Thank you Mel for your awesomeness and life experience!  I am truly a better person having met you!

Annalynn O'Sullivan - Founder of Sulli I'm Home


As a business owner, I often felt locked into an industry driven philosophy and played by the rules to get exposure. Mel helped me see different angles to approach the fitness industry, in what is essentially an intangible and fickle behemoth. She helped me to unlock my ideas and drive my passions through the business, in a way that I had be reticent to in the past. 

The fear of being different, over analysing and trying to create a unique niche was blocking my true inspiration, the reason why I started in the industry in the first place. 

I did a power session with Mel to help me see the clear and logical development of my business. She used clever and visionary tools and approaches, it has been the smartest business decision I have made - and I am forever grateful to Mel for her insights and support.


Troy Fluitsma - Movement Coach



If I could describe working with Melanie in two words it would be professional, and insightful.  Melanie knew exactly what I needed from my photoshoot even before I did.  From the initial discussion through to the final shots she was gently guiding me while holding space for my personality to emerge.   

The result, a glorious set of shots that has my website dripping with my essence and a new found confidence to use photos of me to promote my business.

Talk with her, work with her, play with her.  You will be might happy you did.

Karen Main

I loved working with Mel for my latest photo shoot. She really put me at ease and made the whole thing so effortless.

She was magic with the lens, I couldn't believe how well the photos came out, it absolutely exceeded my expectations. I felt that she really captured the essence of me, and my work.

Erin Kyna

Mel has this amazing gift in being able to capture the core essence of a person. She made me feel so comfortable to just 'be me' and with that has produced a beautiful series of photos to help me stand out and shine my authentic light.

Thanks to Mel, I have received a collection of beautiful images I can use for my website ad other social media platforms. I wholeheartedly recommend her if you are a Soulpreneur, Life Coach, Creative or Holistic Health professional and are ready to be seen.

Chelsea Antman

Where else can you see me?