Attention to detail, environment and lifestyle


I'm a qualified interior designer, long time freelance photographer - which means every day is different & rewarding for me.

I've had loads of experience and dabbling in website design, visual branding, styling for shoots, painting, writing and pretty much anything that I can apply my creative mind to.  I love to help people transform and express themselves in life, creativity and business through interiors, imagery and design - with a very intentional edge; I believe everything we surround ourselves with in our home, our people, our work, our art - sets the tone for the way we choose to live our life.


interior design

I'm a qualified and experienced Interior designer & Stylist.

From full renovations to furniture sourcing and styling; there is a service to meet your need.

It all started with my hubby and I (and help from our little apprentices!)  renovating many of our own homes and it’s safe to say we are slightly obsessed! From here I went on to help friends, gain my qualifications and now love to empower others to renovate also - warning - its addictive! 

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After many years of photographing and image composition I found myself playing with logos, websites, paints on canvas and just about anything I could make a picture from; just for fun and relaxation. 

I now find myself being commissioned to paint, photograph and create logos for clients - I love it; it's such a privilege and exciting thing to be invited to do for someone.




My photography journey started as a wedding and portrait photographer for a prominent studio in Melbourne for many years. However my passion was found in freelance lifestyle and travel photography. I love to photograph entrepreneurs, small business imagery and environmental portraiture.  

I believe every image has the power to tell a story; it's my role to bring the story to life and capture it.

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Lifestyle photography


Aligning your imagery to who you are and how your business makes an impact on the world is paramount. Every lifestyle shoot I do is tailored to reflect both you as an individual and also your brand, message and mission. The right professional imagery on your website or social media will compel your ideal client. If done well it will evoke an emotional response from your potential client - that emotion creates the connection your client needs to invest in you and your services.

I love Photographing for Entrepreneurs and small businesses (both products and services) to enhance their visual branding. Offering a dynamic and creative approach to cultivating a powerful visual voice for your business and vision.  I bring the you into your brand.

For a complete look & feel of my imagery aligning with branding hop on over and check out Kate McCready (she also happens to be a pretty awesome coach too  (just sayin'.)

I chase natural light, colour, contrast and composition - unleashing my creative energy to provide professional imagery that will amplify the visual voice of your business.


folio and packages




package one - $995  

Ideal for a refresh or particular 'hero shot'

1 hour shoot in one location - includes approx 20 hi-res images of you and at least 3 'lifestyle' images that reflect your service, brand and/or message.


package two - $1495 

Ideal for new website or rebrand

2 hour shoot in 2/3 locations for different look/feel - includes at least 40 hi-res images of you and at least 6 'lifestyle' images that reflect your service, brand and/or message.


package three - $1695 

Ideal for complete rebrand or product/service launch

3 hour shoot in up to 4 locations - includes at least 60 hi res-images of you and at least 10 'lifestyle' images that reflect your service, brand and/or message.

The ultimate package for multiple services and/or products



quoted per job - please email me