magic happens when soul sisters collide

When my very dear friend Erin Kyna called me from Hawaii to tell me she was coming to Australia... and the sunshine coast in particular for a photoshoot; it's safe to say - I squealed.  I knew it was going to be amazing. Her, the beautiful environment rain forest I am lucky enough to call home; and a brave message to share with her world. My imagination just about exploded with ideas. 

A few days later she asks of a very good friend of hers can come with her and get some shots too - of course she can! I had never met her; but any friend of Erin's is a friend of mine. 2 weeks later - I open my front door to Maya. It's safe to say - she had me at hello. There was something about her energy that was magnetic. Erin arrived a short while later; after some squeals and tears of excitement of the reunited soul sisters - we were all systems go.

The energy was wild, we explored - laughed... the ideas flowed and the vibe was contagious. What an absolute pleasure it was to be in the company of these two utterly inspiring women. Individually they will change the world - I have no doubt; together they will rock the universe.

Erin 0916 35.jpg
Maya 22.jpg