brief: peaceful, connected and inspired

This  hexagon shelf  was a monty for my client - she bought it straight away!

This hexagon shelf was a monty for my client - she bought it straight away!

When my beautiful client contacted me with her frustration about her living room needing some 'help' - I was soon met with a very familiar problem.

Her desk (and work space) is at one end of her living room; which can be extremely convenient - or inconvenient - and combining work space and living space is becoming the new norm. With 24/7 connectedness and technology connecting us to the entire world there is no longer a time of day the work stops - emails can 'ping' in at anytime and before you know it work has taken over our home, which means our mind won't be far behind.

When you are 'at home' you are looking at your work; and when you are 'at work' you are looking at home. The line between the two gets very fuzzy at times, before you know it you're working from your laptop on the couch and eating dinner at your desk.  If you don't create some clear boundaries within your spaces you will soon find your mind will lose it's boundaries too - it's a slippery slope from working with the TV on in the background - to hosting a dinner party for 20 crammed around your desk. You may think I'm exaggerating (which I am, a bit) but you know I'm right. At the very best you'll be sitting at your dinner table with people you love thinking of nothing except your inbox filling up... Which kind of kills all the upside to working for yourself.

In case you didn't notice - I'm passionate about this! This is my 'thing'. How can we have a harmonious relationship between our work space and our home space so that we are liberated by the freedom of being able to work from our home and not feeling as though we can ever switch off.

Together my client and I have created the brief for this project;


"Create a functional retreat environment that allows me to feel

peaceful, connected and inspired".


It was really important to determine what she wanted to feel in each space, then we found a way to bring them together in a harmonious way that looked and felt amazing. I created a vision board for her (below) from imagery that is aligned with all the things and places my clients feels relaxed and centred in (including the ocean) Combining her tastes, intention and my experience; we devised a plan. We have the brief and a visual benchmark - and we are working our way through the space together. I will post before and after pictures here as soon as we are in the same state! (did I mention we did all this amazing discovering via Skype?!) I can also tell you there may have even been a hint of pj's for one meeting. #interiordesigninstyle indeed!