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I am passionate about creating spaces that are harmonious, life enhancing and uniquely created for those living in the space, and how they live. Each client and the architecture of their home is a unique combination so each design produced is also individual, rather than reflecting my personal or particular trending style.  Functional planning for generous spaces and natural light are crucial to interior projects. A strong foundation is key when creating a room that expresses you and supports your vision. Enhancing your space and making it a place you feel at 'home' - should compel, invigorate, seduce and inspire you.


Coming soon...

Early in 2017 I will be opening a store right here sharing my fine art prints, DIY products and resources a plenty! Watch this space - I can't wait to share with you! Sign up to join the tribe if you want to be notified.



Event + Pop up Styling 

Are you planning a wedding, birthday party, product launch, workshop or retreat? or any other big celebration? Let me style it for you. Together we can explore and develop the concept and bring your vision to life. Take your event to the next level.

A pop-up? You have a market stall or part of a convention - you only have a small (and competitive!) window to attract your ideal customer - together we carve an amazing space that reflects you and your product - it's enticing and inspiring.

$225 for a one hour consultation (travel charges may apply)


"Mel's gifts will sneak up on you. You will be working through your series and then all of a sudden the thing you really want and is really important becomes clear. Mel had an amazing way of softly guiding me to what was at the heart of my goals. When we started working together I was focusing on the things at the surface, but we dug deeper and I began to uncover what I was really longing for in my life. Mel has helped me achieve a calm and focus within myself which I have not felt in…well ever. She also has been the most amazing encouragement in exploring my personal style of creativity.  Mel has really helped me in an important time of transition in my working life. It is so amazing to have someone there for you like Mel has been there for me. I look forward to working with her again in the future".

Kate McCready - Kate McCready



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