Hi there and welcome.

\\ I'm Mel. I'm a visual designer -

A professional photographer, qualified interior designer & pretty much all rounded multi-faceted creative;

I thrive on all kinds of visual design. I paint, I design logos, i build websites... I love to dabble in all things Imagery & design.

here I've combined my visual passions and offer freelance services - Take your time & thanks for stopping by!  M \\


Photography services

\\ After 14 years as a professional wedding and portrait photographer I've found my passion in creating imagery for entrepreneurs that creates a visual brand.

\\ Lifestyle photography for small to medium sized service & product based businesses that are fuelled by soul. 

\\ together We consult to align your imagery and enhance your branding through composition, colour and creativity for bold and expressive imagery that will raise your online presence and attract your ideal client.

\\ I can then also go one step further and develop an aligned website for you and your business. the results are amazing.


interior design

\\ My love for interior design was created by my addiction to renovating. After 10 years (and countless projects later) My hubby and I have gradually expanded from doing only our own projects to gaining our formal qualifications to supporting others to do the same.

\\ Together we have founded grit & co. a company that rolls our complimentary skills together, supported by the best trades we can find and offers a unique service of renovation consultation.

\\ It's over at grit & co that I get to re-design floor plans, sketch down ideas and create beautiful interiors.

\\ I also enjoy getting my hands dirty... plastering, painting and tiling have become another way to be creative. bliss.


website design

\\ after years and years tinkering with my own websites for relaxation in the evenings (yes I know how dorky that sounds...) i'v absolutely loved designing and building websites for my friends - and slowly branching further out and freelancing to clients.

\\ designing and building a website that is aligned with the branding of a business is the natural progression after photographing for a client. it is a holistic approach to branding and offers continuity between platforms.

\\ I love nothing more than accentuating the website with imagery and vice versa.

\\ Its a powerful combo; it's rewarding, creative and an absolute pleasure.





How you express yourself in life & your work

is how you present yourself to the world. 

Make your presence bold & bright.  

make it a reflection of you.