who am i?

I'm a mum to two spirited little souls & wife to my partner in crime. As a family we love to travel, play and are serial renovators.

I am driven  and outgoing, but also love my calm and peaceful downtime. I am a multi-faceted creative; I love anything that stretches my imagination and feeds my soul. I love photography, design, abstract painting - I'm also a little bit of a hippie - so don't be surprised if you find me playing with crystals or buried in indoor plants.


What i do for work 

I'm a qualified interior designer, long time freelance photographer - which means every day is different & rewarding for me.

I've had loads of experience and dabbling in website design, visual branding, styling for shoots, painting, writing and pretty much anything that I can apply my creative mind to.  I love to help people transform and express themselves in life, creativity and business through interiors, imagery and design - with a very intentional edge; I believe everything we surround ourselves with in our home, our people, our work, our art - sets the tone for the way we choose to live our life. 


how did i get here?

Mel 05bw.jpg

My career path has always been driven by creativity.  At age eighteen I decided I was going to be a Photographer. I spent the next 5 years obtaining my Diploma in Professional Photography, working alongside my mentors; shooting weddings and portraits and growing my passion until going out on my own 14 years ago as a freelance Photographer. Since then my most loved subjects are lifestyle shoots for service based entrepreneurs and small businesses with soul. I also love photographing as art from my travels (wanderlust + creativity = bliss).


I soon met my hubby and we bought our first home together; we renovated the entire house together - and I was hooked. 10 years later (and countless houses and moves later) we continue to buy, renovate and sell houses - It's the ultimate project in creativity; our friends and family think we are insane but I love it - it's absolutely addictive ;) Together we have founded Grit & Co. A company that consults on all things design, renovation and house related! We love what we do and are extremely passionate about it. Head on over and have a look.


a little more on life 

In 2014 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and shortly after underwent (very successful) brain surgery. It changed my life. It slowed me down immensely. It made me realise what was important. I re-evaluated everything - most of all it made me wonder why we would do anything in our life that doesn't bring us great joy.  Our house became more than a project - it became my home; my haven for healing and being with those most important to me. I become acutely aware of how our environment can support us and help us grow.

Life became so much more precious to me and I'm grateful for every aspect of it. My home and family are my absolute north, I have amazing friends, I'm now bolder in the way I choose to live. I'm focused on health and wellbeing and balancing all our craziness for happiness. I love my green juices, but I also love a glass of vino in the sunshine. Life should be a pursuit of pleasure - I don't intend to waste a moment of it.


still want more?

I'm a mad skiier (extreme off piste) - I'm now 4 years post surgery and plan to get back to altitude soon (though maybe a little less extreme) I feel at home on a mountain, my mind is completely quiet when I ski.  I love the ocean and sand as well as the colour and movement of living in a vibrant city; I may also hug trees when I'm in nature... don't tell anyone ;)

I believe in kindness above all else. I'm playful, a little bit cheeky and curious about just about everything. Like all working mums, the juggle is real - and mostly it's a ball drop. But I do the best I can everyday, and encourage others to do the same.  My work keeps me sane, my children provide my perspective. My family is my 'why' and my home.

I'm an imagineer, love to read, eat great food and love my friends. I continue to learn and evolve & believe we are all a work in progress. I love real conversations over small talk. I love being around inspiring people, colour and movement - but I recharge alone. I will continue to stretch and grow and hope you'll join me on the journey.


Both my business and I thrive on connection - If you would like to work with me or collaborate on a project I would absolutely love to hear from you!